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X5 Solutions Acquires CornerStone Telephone Company

Contact: Barrett Waller, Waller & Company PR, (918) 284-0796                       

The cloud and regulatory compliance

In our last post, we shared some information about keeping organizations data private and secure.  What do industries that are dealing with strict regulatory regulations, such as healthcare (HIPAA) and financial services (Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act) do? 

Looking forward to hosted services

During a recent cloud services event, discussion turned to what the next five years will look like in cloud computing. My thoughts went first to customer need. CornerStone has been bringing hosted services to business customers since 2003, back then by partnering with Application Service Providers and hosting companies to sell their solutions. Once we saw the benefits early adopters realized - using technology they wouldn't have otherwise been able to support or afford - we were hooked.

Celebrating 10 years by giving back – Binghamton YMCA


The YMCA is a worldwide organization with more than 58 million beneficiaries from 125 national associations, supporting members of the communities that they serve encouraging them to develop a healthy mind, body and spirit. 

Celebrating 10 years by giving back – Alight Care Center

 The Alight Care Center has been a neighbor to CornerStone in downtown Troy.  Founded in 1998, Alight’s doors opened in 1999.  Alight provides educational and support services for individuals and families, designed for the prevention and intervention of abuse and other family lifeissues.

Celebrating 10 years by giving back - Startup Weekend Tech Valley


Startup Weekend is an event held in different cities around the country, pairing investors with local talent to form a credible business over the course of a weekend.  Two local entrepreneurs used the idea that is played out around the country.  CornerStone served as a sponsor for the weekend, and provided Internet access to those participating. 

Celebrating 10 years by giving back – Lifespire


Lifespire, another longtime customer of our New York City office, is celebrating over 60 years of providing advocacy and services to individuals with mental disabilities in New York.  Their programs, guided by the principle that all individuals with a developmental disability are able to become contributing members to their family and community, are truly inspiring.  While many non-profits hold multiple fundraising events throughout the year, the Lifespire Foundation only holds one.

Celebrating 10 years by giving back – Center for Urban Community Services


Center for Urban Community Services’ (CUCS) mission is to end homelessness for as many people as possible and to provide opportunities for low income individuals and families, particularly those living with disabling conditions, to be productive members of the community. A longtimecustomer of our New York City office, 2011 was an exciting year from them as they celebrated their 30th year in providing essential services and housing in New York City.  To celebrate this milestone, their 30th anniversary gala was held in May.

Celebrating 10 years by giving back – The Altamont Program

The Altamont Program, a non-profit entity of Peter Young Housing, Industries and Treatment (PYHIT), has been a customer of ours since 2003.  Their programs create taxpayers by serving the impoverished, the addicted and the socially disenfranchised to help them enter the world of work and become good citizens who contribute to their community.   The Altamont Program Operates educational and vocational programs, job placement, provides housing services, manages properties affiliated with Father Young's programs.