Local and Long Distance

You need reliable connections for local dial tone, the phone numbers your customers reach you on, the service your company uses to conduct business day-in and day-out. No matter which service option you select, you'll have a reliable, business-class connection, a local support team, outstanding customer care, the convenience of one simple bill, and online tools from our customer care web-portal to help you manage your services.

Our account executives will analyze your monthly spending and communication trends to determine whether a measured or unlimited service plan is most economical. They'll make sure you have access to all the advantages of timesaving calling features. Our sales and network engineers consider your existing phone system and other customer premise equipment to best leverage the technology you have in place and to ensure your transition to CornerStone's service is smooth.

Remote Call Forward (RCF)

Remote call forward (RCF) service is a type of call routing that lets your customers reach you by calling a local phone number – even when you don't have an office in that local calling area. With RCF, incoming calls forward directly to your choice of any phone number! Since your customers don't dial a long distance number, RCF service can help you create a local identity for your company without having an office, landlines or employees in a particular region. The number of RCF ‘paths’ you order will allow you to handle the volume of incoming calls you anticipate, and when you decide to have calls terminate will determine the cost per minute of each incoming call.

Foreign Exchange (FX)

FX and Virtual FX services are call routing features that, similar to RCF, allow your customers to dial a local phone number to reach you – even though your office is not in that customer's local calling area. FX service can be delivered by a dedicated circuit that supports both inbound and outbound calls with a fixed monthly price that is distance sensitive. Virtual FX service provides a less expensive alternative and supports inbound calls.


Centrex service provides a rich and flexible feature set that integrates office communications within a single office or across multiple offices in an area served by the same telephone central office. Centrex can be used as an alternative to purchasing a Key or PBX phone system or can be used to accommodate growth that can't be supported by an existing phone system. The most often used Centrex features include direct inward dialing (DID), station-to-station calling, and itemized call detail records for outbound calls.


Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) PRI provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for carrying voice and data services for customers who prefer a circuit that's dedicated to their direct inward dialing (DID), direct outbound dialing (DOD), data, and toll-free traffic.

We offer numerous calling plans with competitive low rates, with no contract or term plans required! Unlike other long distance telephone companies that bill in one-minute increments, we bill in 30-second minimum and 6-second increments thereafter, so you’ll save on every call. There are no contracts or term plans required and all charges appear on one easy-to-understand bill.