Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

Security, privacy and business continuity are key to success in the financial services industry. Financial institutions juggle support for both commercial and personal accounts and manage an enormous volume of transactions.

Take a moment to consider how your organization is performing in these areas:

CornerStone provides a full spectrum of services to support all of your information and communications technology needs.  Financial institutions, insurance companies and real estate offices across New York and Massachusetts have benefited from cost savings and the reliability of their technology partner by switching to CornerStone communications services.
Schedule a free, no-obligation, comprehensive analysis of your e-mail security, current phone service, software, and data backup and recovery.  Evaluation criteria includes but are not limited to:
  • Overall cost   
  • Quality of the product
  • Features
  • Customer service and support history
  • Maturity of current system technology
  • Ability to expand/grow
  • Service guarantees
  • Ease of use/administration
  • Delivery requirements
  • Current annual operating cost of your systems

Our highly reliable network, skilled solution engineers and technology professionals will work closely with your business office and information technology teams to ensure we meet your unique requirements.