Health Care

Delivering quality health care to your community a starts with having robust communications solutions, easy-to-access records, timely delivery of imaging, and a reliable technology infrastructure — all of which must comply with strict regulatory guidelines.

CornerStone provides a full spectrum of services to support all of your information and communications technology needs.  Nursing homes, hospitals, pharmacies and doctors' offices across New York and Massachusetts have benefited from cost savings and having a reliable technology partner by switching to CornerStone communications services.  Our solutions experts can ensure that your organization is compliant with HIPAA laws when sending e-mails and transferring patient files; can find a more effective communications tool to improve call handling; will ensure you are taking advantage of the HITECH Act; and will help you keep costs down for licensing fees and dedicated resources each time you need to upgrade your software.  We can even provide your hospital or nursing facility with television programming.

Contact us now to schedule a free, no-obligation, comprehensive analysis of your e-mail security, current phone service, software, and data backup and recovery.  We will look at the overall cost and quality of our proposed products, your customer service and support history, and the effectiveness of your current technology systems, including annual operating costs and delivery requirements.
Join our many satisfied clients who have deployments throughout the U.S. Learn about CornerStone's solutions for hospitals, nursing homes, and private practices.