Welcome PINS Customers!

PINS, only from Cornerstone, delivers outstanding support to organizations throughout the US and overseas PINS customers continue to rely on their Manhattan-based network and operations teams and now have access to a range of new and enhanced services.

Learn about how CornerStone's robust solutions bring you the benefits of network and cloud technologies to help your organization thrive.

Increase your computing power without capital investments for new servers and software. SkySphere, only from CornerStone, provides cloud solutions for organizations of every size.

Register your domain name and host your website with any of SkySphere’s web hosting packages and get the computing power you need, for anything from a basic web presence to an e-commerce site that can handle large volumes of transactions.

Give your employees anywhere/anytime access to collaborate with each other and to stay in touch with valued customers by using SkySphere’s collaboration tools, featuring Microsoft Exchange Mail, Sharepoint, Encryption, and VoIP mobility solutions.

Your organization has a broad range of transport options for voice, Internet, and data. Let CornerStone help you select the network connection that best meets your bandwidth needs and fits your budget.

CornerStone’s roots as a telephone company make us the obvious choice for your business phone service. Choose from SIP trunk service, PRIs, POTS line,s or VoIP service for local numbers, as well as local and long distance calling plans.

Choosing the right phone system can let you enhance customer interactions, cut costs, and connect with remote employees. Let CornerStone’s team of experts help you select the communication platform that will support your unique business challenges.  Our Hosted PBX service brings you an office communications system without the up-front cost of a PBX or communications server. CornerStone has extensive experience in designing and installing on-premise phone systems, including Key Telephone Systems and IP PBXs, to support anywhere from 4 to 500+ stations.

CornerStone has assembled an array of products, core technologies, and expertise to help businesses of all sizes improve their results. And we’ve implemented solutions that take into account specialized needs of our clients in industry segments including Education, Financial Services, Government, and Health Care.

CornerStone’s Wholesale and Agent Partner Program gives our channel associates the opportunity to bring their trusted clients rock-solid products from a trusted telecommunications provider. And we understand the value of good technology partners: Our services are built on state-of-the-art networks and based on technologies from suppliers who are world leaders in quality and innovation.