Manage Your Clients, Prospects, and Customer Support in One Integrated System

Associations and other organizations who value relationships with their members rely on SkySphere’s Association CRM to effectively engage members. You’ll manage your email campaigns, sales activity, events, and dues, and leverage powerful reporting tools to track your progress in managing your relationships.

Our Association Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is specifically tailored for small- to medium-sized associations looking to manage their entire association more effeciently. From invoicing dues to a completely integrated event management system, the Association CRM can administer every facet of your organization. Our association software features

Complete Contact Management

Quickly identify the critical information of any contact in your database with a single click. CRM gives you the ability to organize contacts by organization types, distribution codes, and into committees.

E-Mail Broadcasts

Broadcast e-mails to your contacts by any basis you choose, be it by specific organization types, committees, or distribution codes. CRM integrates with your outlook client to give you the ultimate broadcasting flexibility.

Event Management

Set up any style event that will seamlessly integrate with your current website for registration.


Whether you have dues, event fees, or any other type of charges, CRM gives you a full invoicing system that also integrates with your QuickBooks application.


ACID Printer

A document storage and production solution that integrates tightly with Microsoft Word, allowing you to create Word documents with custom placeholders and stream those documents into a SQL database.

Our CRM offers subscribers an intuitive user interface with easy-to-use administrator console so you’ll quickly get your projects moving, whether you’re launching a new e-mail campaign or updating your member database. And you’ll never need to worry about server hardware, custom software upgrades, or any of the other inconveniences of managing your own platform. With SkySphere CRM, you have anywhere access to secure data. 

SKySphere’s CRM offers competitively priced monthly subscriber fees. Talk with your CornerStone representative about how we can help you consolidate your member data, our on-boarding process, and training.