CornerStone’s faxmail service allows faxes to reach you directly—secure and private—by delivering faxed documents to your inbox as a PDF file.  Our faxmail product is an inbound electronic fax-to-email product that allows customers to receive their faxes as email attachments instead of on a fax machine. Product supports inbound faxing only.

Easily Receive and Store Faxes

No need to search at the office's shared fax machine. E-mails arrive with the faxed document as a PDF file.

Quickly Share Information

Forward your faxmail the same way you forward e-mail. Have your faxmail arrive to an e-mail distribution list so information can reach many employees, all at once.

Reduce Expenses

Save on printing cartridges and paper supplies. Use faxmail instead of buying that second fax machine.

Each faxmail line is $9.95 per month.

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