Terremark Enterprise Cloud

Terremark’s Enterprise Cloud offering sets the standard for enterprise-class cloud computing with the SLA levels, security models, professional services and world-class data centers. Enterprise Cloud is tailored to meet your organization’s unique requirements. And now with award-winning CloudSwitch software you’ll have flexibility and simplicity you need for your hybrid environment.

Terremark combines the power and flexibility of infrastructure-as-a-service with expertise, security and availability that large organizations with mission crtical application demand of their infrastructure. Enterprise Cloud is powered by Terremarks proven utility computing platform, leveraging technology from world-class infrastructure partners including VMware, Cisco, HP and IBM.

Enterprise Cloud provides a highly secure foundation for your business applications, with an architecture designed to help meet today’s criticial compliance and certification requirements, including SAS-70 Type II, PCI-DSS and Safe Harbor. For customers requiring more comprehensive compliance and security services on the cloud, Terremark has a team of information security and compliance experts that can work with you.

Point and click your existing Windows and Linux applications into the cloud with no modifications, and provision new apps based on enterprise standards and configurations. Cloud resources can be started or stopped automatically on a scheduled basis or in response to events, such as when a specified threshold is reached.

Enterprise Cloud’s virtual private data center technology gives you access to discrete, dedicated pools of compute resources (CPU, memory, and storage), build on a widely-scalable, exceptionally reliable computing architecture.

Manage applications in the cloud as if they were running locally, using familiar tools and process and your internal IP/MAC addresses in a single, integrated environment. Cloud resources become part of your enterprise infrastructure, leveraging and extending the investments you’ve already made in management and monitoring capabilities.

Terremark’s data centers connect to Tier 1 networks from more than 160 global carriers. Top-tier facilities provide the physical security required for business-critical applications together with N+2 redundant power and cooling backed by 100% SLAs. Monitoring and on-site technical support is provided 24x7x365.

Enterprise Cloud delivers storage on a redundant, fiber-attached SAN architecture. Add disks to virtual servers in increments of 1GB to 512GB from the storage pool purchased for your environment.

You can create user accounts and control access to systems in your environments. Set, define, and revoke user roles and responsibilities as needed, delegating workloads and creating controls for workflow management.

CloudSwitch software extends your existing network into Enterprise Cloud, preserving addressing schemes, related services (DHCP/DNS), identity, and directory services (LDAP/Active Directory) as well as router and firewall settings – everything “just works.”

Terremark is committed to meeting your needs, including CloudSwtich software support for multiple clouds and hypervisors. If you decide that an applications belongs on another cloud (such as Amazon) you can move it there or back to your data center without modification.

Enterprise-class resources are all yours with Terremark’s Enterprise Cloud services.  Enterprise Cloud efficiently delivers the computing power, security and flexibility your enterprise demands.

All the agility you’re used to in your own data centers is available in the cloud. Migrate your Windows and Linux applications into the cloud with a simple point and click and you’ll experience NO changes to your data. You have the flexibility to schedule your servers to start or stop automatically on a scheduled basis or you can opt to have start/stop triggered in response to events.

Access the dedicated computing resources such as CPU, memory, and storage, that are available just for you with Enterprise Cloud’s virtual private datacenter technology.

Manage applications in the cloud as if they were running locally, using familiar tools and processes in a single, integrated environment. Cloud resources become part of your enterprise infrastructure, with external resource pools appearing alongside internal ones.