Windows VPS hosting from SkySphere

SkySphere offers Windows VPS hosting for business and IT professionals who want powerful virtualization services from a hosting provider they trust. Thanks to a combination of better and faster hardware and new software technologies such as Microsoft Hyper-V, customers can now obtain “Enterprise Class” Virtual Private Servers to power their mission-critical websites and applications. Customers can now have it all: cost, reliability, and performance. SkySphere's VPS offering has been tested and proves to be a fast, stable, and customizable platform for your business customers and IT professionals.

Why Choose SkySphere to host your VPS?

The answer is simple: We can help your business succeed! The SkySphere team has extensive expertise specifically in Windows VPS hosting. Unlike many other hosting companies that started with Linux support, we understand what it takes to make your Microsoft-based applications succeed. We're a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and have Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers with years of hosting experience working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are looking for a VPS provider that can help your business succeed, then SkySphere is the clear choice.

Popular VPS Uses

For an affordable alternative to a dedicated server, many customers choose a VPS for web/application hosting. By utilizing a VPS, you get complete control over your system for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server. Many resellers start off with a VPS and host multiple sites on the same VPS, adding additional VPSs as they grow. If you are selling hosting to your customers, our Plesk VPS Plans might be a perfect fit.

Testing and Staging Environments

VPSs are becoming increasingly popular for testing and staging environments due to the ease of restoring your VPS to a previous state on demand. When you’ve set up your environment just the way you want it, use our control panel and download a backup of your VPS. You can then revert to that backup whenever you like!

Software as Service Applications

Are you looking to setup your SaaS application so you can scale right from the start? Utilizing Virtuozzo VPSs, we empower your SaaS application to scale to additional VPSs on demand.

Resources Hyper-V Pro VPS Plan Hyper-V Pro+ VPS Plan
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Price $99.95/month, $99.95 setup
FREE setup with coupon code HYPERV
$199.95/month, $99.95 setup
FREE setup with coupon code HYPERV
Best for
Low to moderate web applications with low database loads
Moderate web applications with moderate database loads
Guaranteed RAM
2 GB
4 GB
Disk Space 100 GB 200 GB
Transfer 500 GB 1000 GB
IP Addresses 5 IPs 5 IPs
Backups Weekly (Nightly Option Available) Weekly (Nightly Option Available)
Operating System Windows 2008 Web R2 x64
Windows 2003 Std R2 x86
Windows 2008 Web R2 x64
Windows 2003 Std R2 x86
Applicure dotDefender Monitor Included Included
SmarterMail 6.x Included — 250 Users Included — 250 Users
SmarterStats 5.x Included — 50 Domains Included — 50 Domains
SmarterTrack 4.x Included — 2 Agents Included — 2 Agents
Price $99.95/month, $99.95 setup
FREE setup with coupon code HYPERV
$199.95/month, $99.95 setup
FREE setup with coupon code HYPERV
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Optional Add-Ons
24x7 Management $60/month, $60 setup $60/month, $60 setup
24x7 Management w/Monitoring + Proactive NOC Response $75/month, $75 setup $75/month, $75 setup
Nightly Backups $20/month $40/month
Shared Firewall $20/month, $100 setup $20/month, $100 setup
SQL 2008 Web Edition $25/month $25/month
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By default, all Hyper-V Virtual Private Servers are completely client-managed. You can submit tickets or call us if your VPS is down. Support is available on a per-incident basis for an additional charge. Most customers choose to utilize our knowledge and expertise and decide to have the SkySphere team manage the server completely. SkySphere offers two levels of support:

  • 24x7 Server Management - $60/setup and $60/month
    This is our basic management package and includes 24x7 Phone and Ticket Support for any issue you are experiencing with your VPS. By default, anything that comes with your VPS is covered. In addition, customers receive up to half an hour of one-on-one time with a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.
  • 24x7 Server Management w/Monitoring and Proactive NOC Response - $75/setup and $75/month
    For customers who are rolling out mission-critical applications, we offer a proactive monitoring service that will check on a minute-by-minute basis to make sure nothing is wrong with your server and that your application or website is responding as it should. If it stops working correctly, our Network Operations Center will proactively log onto your server and take care of the issue; most of the time before you or your customers realize something is wrong.

By default, all Hyper-V Virtual Private Servers are backed up at the virtual server level on a weekly basis. At any point, you can put in a support ticket and we can roll your entire server back to exactly the way it was when you took a backup for no additional charge. For customers who need more frequent backups and/or more data retention, we offer a nightly backup service. The cost for this service for the Pro and Pro+ Plan's is $20/month and $40/month, respectively.

By default, all servers are hooked into our Windows Update Server to make sure you are safe from any known vulnerabilities. The run-time for these updates can be changed for each customer or, alternatively, you can opt out of the service.

Every Hyper-V Virtual Private Server includes Microsoft Forefront Client Security, the award winning malware-fighting application. At the perimeter of our network, a combination of Intrusion Detection Systems and ACLs help keep known bad traffic away from your VPS. If you're looking to add more protection to your VPS, our Shared Firewall Service allows you to lock down your system so only authorized computers can connect to specific applications like SQL Server or Remote Desktop. The cost of this service is $20/month with a $100/setup.

When your server is provisioned, you are given all the information necessary for you to login as an Administrator through Remote Desktop.

Absolutely! Customers are free to install anything they’d like on their VPS.

All Hyper-V Hardware Nodes are top of the line enterprise-class servers. At a minimum, all servers are built out with Two Quad Core Xeon CPUs with Hyper-Threading Enabled, giving you the best CPU performance available to date. Our disk subsystem consists of six Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) hard drives in a RAID 10 volume. This allows us to get the most performance out of the disk system possible.

For CPU, you can burst up to the capabilities of the hardware node. RAM and disk space are not burstable within Hyper-V.

We've partnered with industry leaders in order to provide clients with free versions of cutting-edge software that add a tremendous value to your VPS service.

  • Applicture dotDefender Monitor
    dotDefender Monitor is a filter that sits in-between your customers and your web sites that gives you a view of potential attacks that are hitting your website. A monthly report is generated and sent to you showing the types of attacks that are hitting your website. It is fantastic for trying to figure out how an application breech or SQL injection attack took place. We also offer a discounted rate on the full version of the application which will not only log the attacks, but prevent them from processing as well.
  • SmarterTools Bundle
    We leverage SmarterTools to provide the SmarterBundle to all customers. This bundle gives all VPS customers the following pieces of software:
    • SmarterTrack
      The new "gold standard" of support systems. SmarterTrack is an incredibly powerful system that will help handle customer requests with ease. We love it so much, we use it ourselves! A two-agent Standard license is included with each VPS.
    • SmarterMail
      SmarterMail has rapidly become the de-facto standard in robust and easily manageable mail servers. A 250 mailbox standard license is included with all VPSs.
    • SmarterStats
      SmarterStats provides the statistics and metrics you need to help make the important business decisions your company needs. A 50 domain license is included with all VPSs.