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Realize Your Objectives

Businesses of all sizes are competing in an economic environment that is more challenging than ever. Leveraging information technology solutions can make the competitive difference, and help you to meet the organizational challenges that are keeping you up at night. Whether you want to manage your business's growth, increase the productivity of a distributed workforce, minimize risk, or a tackle other business-critical missions, CornerStone has assembled an array of products, core technologies, and the expertise to help you improve results, no matter what your industry or the size of your business.

Your Strategic Partner

CornerStone provides a single source of advanced communication and networking systems, with a product and service offering encompassing telephone, Internet, hosting, data center, cloud computing, security services, and strategic sourcing. Our technical team is your strategic partner, combining our offerings into a solution tailored to your business. If you’ve got a need, we’ve got a solution. And we’re not here just to solve problems:

  • We’ll work with you to take your business to the next level. 
  • We offer unrivaled customer service and an expert technical team trained in finding new ways to use our core technologies to increase productivity and cost savings, improve efficiencies, and make your business scalable all while minimizing risk and disruption.

Even if your small business is not global, you can still receive world-class service and functionality. As a leader in serving customers like you, you can trust CornerStone to have the pricing and solutions you need.

Whether you’re based in the Capital District, have a distributed workforce or multiple office locations, or experience seasonal shifts in volume, CornerStone offers flexibility in the custom communication and networking solutions it creates to make sure your medium-sized business continues to thrive.

No matter the unique needs of your enterprise business, we have solutions that cater to large customer bases, distributed workforces, and multiple locations, and provides flexibility as your business grows and changes. Our data centers offer the continuity and reliability your type of business requires. We will work with you to improve efficiencies, and design custom solutions that improve  business results.

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