Here’s what our clients say:

I can't say enough about ActiveHost. The service has always been top notch. Replies to questions are both useful and timely. I currently have 4 sites that they host for my clients, or me and I plan on using them for all my future sites as well.

Greg Godbout (Arlington, VA)

OUTSTANDING SUPPORT AND SERVICE! Response to support questions unmatched. Would recommend ActiveHost to anyone. Way to go guys!

Dan Casey (Woodbury , NJ)

I just wanted to take the time to write note letting you know what a pleasurable experience it has been working with your people at Cornerstone.  During our recent issues, which ended up being our phone system, your techs were great.  They were knowledgeable and attentive and were able to explain some of our issues in terms we could understand and were able to diagnose the real issue quickly.  The people I spoke with in customer service were actually FRIENDLY and PLEASANT to speak with and they were able to quickly and effectively get my issue addressed.  I would like to thank Nick and Ashley specifically.   We have been a customer for years thank you for the good work all of your people have done and we will highly recommend Cornerstone if anyone asks.

Colleen McKenna (Albany, NY)

Thank you for outstanding service at the Edison Club. Your customer service and technicians have been great to work with.  Working with Cornerstone has been a pleasure. Thank you for a great job!

Mark Jorgenson (Clifton Park, NY)

We have enjoyed a long term relationship with Cornerstone and have always found their  support team responsive and quick to remedy an issue. Our representative, Lane Zugalla has always kept us informed of new offerings and technologies and has been great to deal with.

John (Catskill, NY)

Excellent support. These guys are great! Such a pleasure to work with. We are in dev phase of our site and we call them or e-mail them at such odd hours like 2 a.m or 4 a.m and they have been always there. Thanks!

Gerardo Laster (Boca Raton, FL)

Super chat support. I got on at 12 am and got a support tech right away. Was extremely helpful. I just wish all websites had that option. I havn't got my website set up yet, but so far this is the best experience i have had with a host. THE CHEAPEST I HAVE FOUND...especially for the service THANKS ActiveHost!!!!

Rodney Hobart (Neosho, MO)

After lots of trouble with another provider, we called on our friends Cornerstone to provide a solution that was both faster and more reliable.  I'm happy to say their service delivered in spades. Using a pair of channel bonded DSL lines and a series of VoIP circuits they upgraded our service with less than an hour of downtime. I would highly recommend Cornerstone to all my colleagues.

Brian (Troy, NY)

I work for a well known Internet Services firm that does projects in the $1,000,000+ range. We however from time to time do Pro-Bono work for charity. I found ActiveHost as the need to keep costs low for a pro-bono project. To date, they have surpassed in every category all the major hosting companies we normally deal with. They have been very responsive and have demonstrated their sage experience in a number of areas: StoreFront ECommerce Integration, SSL setup, Payment Processor Setup and speed of delivery. It has been refreshing to use a hosting company where you can build a relationship with one individual. As well they can be more responsive than the big companies as they don't have all to corporate baggage. Lastly, the value is unmatched. Their price sheet really only has 1 item 12months at $15.00 per month. No hidden fees for things like dsn setup or phone support. I would recommend ActiveHost and I will continue to use them for future work.

Mike Harris (TEXAS)

I have numerous clients hosted by this company and even when I run into the most difficult situations, ActiveHost has come through for me and the client. This is one company that goes the "extra mile" and steps "out of the box" to give excellent customer service.

Hank Bates (Beverly Hills, CA)

I have over 10 clients hosting with Activehost. Their technical support is one of the best I have ever worked with. They have a great understanding of StoreFront and I would recommend them to anyone looking to host a Web site.

Seth Sobotka (Los Angeles, CA)

The Company is a pleasure to deal with in all aspects. Thier customer service is second to none. I would/will recommend them to anyone that is looking for a web presence. 

Scott Grant (Bennington, NH)

They set up my account when they said they would, They make changes when I ask them to, and they are far less expensive than the last company I was doing business with. I finally found a site that can host my ASP scripts that doesn't overcharge. I have already recommended them to several friends.

James Strickland (Commerce City, CO)