CornerStone handles millions of minutes in calls each month, and this traffic volume enables us to negotiate the very best rates from our providers. Since we manage routing using our soft-switch's Least Cost Routing (LCR) tables, we are able to offer our business and wholesale clients flexibility and savings. As a wholesale client, you and your customers benefit directly from our volume, our constant search for the best service, and pricing from our LCR.

You'll have access to the type of basic long distance services you expect, including switched, dedicated, and IP termination options.

  • Access multiple Tier 1 carriers for different products — you’re not tied to a single carrier
  • Support for verified and non-verified account codes
  • International and domestic call coverage area
  • Domestic long distance billed in initial six/additional six-second billing increments
  • Toll-free long distance
  • Both toll-free service and personal toll-free PIN platforms
  • Free set up and provisioning of basic toll-free service
  • Extended call coverage area and enhanced features
  • Vanity numbers available on request
  • Back-office system
  • User friendly web-based tool for call data entry, submission, and retrieval
  • Interfaces with underlying Tier 1 carriers

We provide all the back-office systems and capabilities needed for managing and analyzing your traffic. You’ll have access to customer usage data as it occurs, allowing you to better serve your marketing efforts.

Our facilities-based network allows us to develop product bundles specifically designed for our customers.

You'll realize the benefits of our wholesale services in terms of flexibility available that lets us avoid network problems and give you the plans you need to keep your customers happy. With multiple carriers supporting our outbound traffic, we can easily interchange carriers, in real-time, to navigate around outages and technical troubles that may arise in an underlying carrier's network. With flexible contract terms, rate structures, and product mix we make sure the services you receive are exactly what you need to move your business forward.